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Bob Rettew
Bob Rettew
St. Paul's School
325 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301-2591
(603) 224-7382

Bob & Annie Rettew are our hosts for Friday night (they live in Mr. Burnham's house).
Bob reports: "I went to Yale (1973); worked in academic publishing in Chicago and New York for a few years, spent a long pastoral interlude on an apple farm in southern New Hampshire (where I met Annie), then attended the University of Rhode Island graduate school for my degree in Library and Information studies (MLIS). Worked in library automated systems, reference, and teaching research skills around Massachusetts and Rhode Island (by now married and with our first of 3 children), and came SPS on a lark to interview for the head Librarian's job after receiving a phone call one night from the inimitable Miss Ann Locke, who I recalled fondly (never knew Mr. Manley and can't recall thinking anything about him one way or the other). The rest is history. I can tell you that given the chance to imagine a billion possible futures per second for the time it took to leave my seat at graduation in 1969, go receive my diploma from Matt Warren, and return to my seat, being the St. Paul's School Librarian would not have been among the possibilities I imagined for myself. We've had a great 10 years here, personally and professionally. Last year I was on sabbatical and completed a Masters of Education (MEd.) at Harvard. "
Annie says: "I work in Clark House Health Center, renovated space tht you remember as Corner HOuse. I'm an RN, but mostly a mom. Our kids are Katie, 13 and John and Elizabeth, 10. We've been here ten years. R2 went to Yale aftr SPS, then after a while (including time when we met working on Steve Lievens' family apple farm) he got his MLIS (Master of Library adn Information Science) from URI, then last year another Masters (of Ed) at Harvard. You'll have to wait to hear from him about Mr. Manley! No. we have no money. What I haven't spent on plates, Rettew has spent on his extensive collection of Connie All Star sneakers.
"Things are revving up here. The grounds look beautiful. This god wful rain has at least greened the place up. The new sod in front of the newly renovated Chapel looks great. New plantings abound. I'm expecting the big tent on the playing fields will go up tomorrow. R2's sister got in last night (for her first and 30th anniv weekend) and is very freaked out by the hole thing! It'll be a blast. Can't wait to se you. Just come on over anytime on Friday--or whenevr you get in."